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Mediterranean Diet: the healthiest diet to lose 2 lbs per week

The Mediterranean Diet is the healthier diet in the world. Scientists confirm that the Mediterranean Diet reduces cardiovascular disease, increasing life expectancy and reduce overweight. Weight loss: 2 lbs per week (until reach your ideal body weight). Diet duration: unlimited. Calorie diet: 2,000 calories per day. Food of the Mediterranean Diet (nutritional pyramid) Eat a little: Sweets: cakes and pastries (sugar) Fat: oil and butter (fat) Meat (pork, lamb, veal), fish and eggs (proteins) Eat with moderation: Milk (especially cheese, yogurt), eggs (protein and calcium) Eat usually: Vegetables (micronutrients and carbohydrates) Fruits (micronutrients and carbohydrates) Nuts (proteins and carbohydrates) Bread, pasta and cereals (carbohydrates) Calories distribution of the Mediterranean Diet WHO (World Health Organization) sets the calorie origins of the Mediterranean diet: Carbohydrates: 55-60 % of the total calorie intake: cereals (bread, rice, pasta), vegetables (beans...) Nutrients: 15 % of calories:fruits and vegetables, both fresh and cooked. Proteins: 15 % of calories: meat, eggs and especially fish. Fat: 10% of calories: olive oil.
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